Friday, March 12, 2010

Why you should eat whole eggs on a low carb diet by Jerry Brainum

Too often in bodybuilding, follow the leader is the rule. This refers to various training and dieting dogmas that are popular, yet have no scientific or practical basis. One example of this is the notion of eating only egg whites, then discarding the yolks. This is a senseless, foolish practice. Ostensibly, the reasoning behind this is that the yolk contains all the fat in eggs, which is true. But it also contains the entire supply of nutrients, including half the protein content of the egg. When you discard egg yolks, you're throwing away such important nutrients as choline, carotenoids, lutein, and others. The high biological value of the protein in eggs is based on whole eggs, not just the whites. The fat in eggs is highly digestable, and is extremely unlikely either to interfere with or halt body fat losses. Some studies even suggest that the cholesterol content of eggs contributes to testosterone synthesis in the body. This makes sense when you consider that cholesterol is the raw material from which steroids such as testosterone are synthesized. Consuming whole eggs may be even more important if you restrict dietary carbs, as shown by a new study.

The study compared two groups, both of whom consumed a low carb diet. One group consumed whole eggs, while the other group didn't. The results of the study showed that while both groups showed benefical blood lipid changes as a result of following a low carb intake, the egg group showed superior results in this regard. Those eating the eggs showed a higher level of the most efficient form of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), which protects against the onset of cardiovascular disease. Those in the egg group also showed greater retention of dietary carotenoids, important for their antioxidant function.These results also dispel the notion that eating whole eggs contributes to cardiovascular disease onset. In actuality, the oppisite is true: eating whole, not only the whites, of eggs while on a low carb diet promotes a highly benefical preventive effect against the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Mutungia, G, et al. Eggs distinctly modulate plasma carotenoid and lipoprotein subclasses in adult men following a carbohydrate restricted diet.J Nutr Biochem 2010;21:261-67

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