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BOOKS by ROBBY ROBINSON by Jerry Brainum

"The Black Prince; My Life in Bodybuilding: Muscle vs Hustle"
- Memoirs of Robby Robinson -

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To learn what it takes to be a great and enduring champion, everything should read Robby's book, "The Black Prince: My life in Bodybuilding." Although I've known Robby for over 40 years, reading this book taught me things that I never knew about Robby's struggles to reach the top in bodybuilding and all the challenges he had to face and overcome over the years. It's inspiring reading for sure! Jerry Brainum


This book is a chronicle of Robby Robinson’s exceptional life and the journey upon which it has taken him. You can glimpse his spirituality and his soul in the stands and positions that he takes.

The history is, in some ways, well known. He was and is a superstar bodybuilder; one of the most successful professional bodybuilders ever to take the stage. He won an IFBB Mr. America in 1975, drug-free, with a 29” waist and 20” biceps. His illustrious career included numerous World and Universe titles, Pro victories and culminated in a number of Masters IFBB Mr. Olympia titles 1994 - 2001.

And yet an even richer history lies in the background. A childhood in the Tallahassee woods, an extraordinarily different home life and the experience of racial prejudice in the southern states in a less enlightened era. His formative history made him a man of remarkable resolve.

His gift to us? Robby Robinson, enigma though he may be, is what bodybuilding always has been about, what it should be about, and hopefully, what it may become again.

Paul Gibney, Ph. D. / Brisbane, Australia


As always with memoir, it's a question of, is this person’s life worth writing about? In Robby’s case, the answer is, unequivocally, yes! His experiences are unique. No one else lived this story.

I think this is precisely the right book Robby should have written. It’s as if he’s distilled every question that he’s been asked through the years, about his training, his life, and organized it perfectly in 200 pages.

I learned a lot about the sport and all of the anecdotes, stories from his life are fascinating. The combination of teaching, tell-all and voice (his sense of determination and bravado are pitch-perfect: exactly right for the sport) make this a great read.

Linda Davis, writer and editor


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 - Robby Robinson


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