Thursday, September 10, 2015

Charles R. Poliquin facebook Post / Jerry Brainum's Comment

From Charles Poliquin: "For the price of two coffees a month, learn cutting edge info on ergogenics, nutrition, supplementation and loads more of goodies. Jerry Brainum is excellent at keeping you updated on the latest scientific discoveries. He is particularly good at sifting through all the contradictions, and giving sound advice. I highly recommend this.At $10.00 a month, it is a steal."

 For those who you not familiar with Charles Poliquin, he has coached dozens of elite champion athletes for years, and also many Olympic champions. He is perhaps the foremost strength coach on the planet, and unlike a lot of other self-styled "experts" on training, I can attest that Charles is a true expert and authority on training and athletic preparation.He is, without a doubt, the true "Master Blaster." Coming from him , this endorsement of my Applied Metabolics newsletter is a great honor for me.

Applied Metabolics is a newsletter written to provide practical research on nutrition, exercise science, ergogenic aids, longevity research, women's health, and general preventive medicine.