Friday, January 11, 2013

Gain Preserve by Jerry Brainum

                                               Does whey help retain muscle?

When you take a layoff from training, you begin to lose muscle size. Conversely, a combination of training and a higher protein intake promotes gains in muscular size and strength. Thus, the question arises: Will consuming a high-protein whey supplement help maintain muscle during a period of no or reduced training?
    That question was investigated by researchers from the University of Nebraska, who presented their findings at the 2006 meeting of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Sadly, the study was flawed to a certain extent because the subjects were untrained. They were randomly assigned to either a group getting whey and leucine, a branched-chain amino acid linked to increased muscle protein synthesis, or a placebo. The subjects did resistance training three times a week, using weights equal to 80 percent of one-rep maximum. For the first month they trained without using any supplements. During weeks four to eight the training was reduced to once a week, followed by no training from weeks eight to 20. They took the whey-and-leucine supplement during weeks four to 12, with no supplements during weeks 12 to 20.
     The results: There were no differences in measures of strength, muscle size and bodyfat levels between those who got the whey and leucine and those who got the placebo. Conclusion: Protein—or any supplement, for that matter—can’t preserve muscle size and strength in the absence of sufficient exercise stimulation.

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