Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jerry Brainum a conversation, publisher of Applied Metabolics By Dr. Michael Dusa

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MD: Hey Jerry. Thanks so much for talking with me. You know, I've been reading your cutting-edge material in the physique magazines since I was a kid in the 70's. Much of what I know and practice to this day has been borne from the information you have disseminated.

JB: Thanks Mike. Yes, I have over 5,000 published articles in my name or under a pen name in over 35 years of involvement in the industry.

MD: So, as we always want to know, how did you get your start and what kindled your interest in bodybuilding, science, and nutrition?

JB: Well, I grew up in Brooklyn. When I was three, my mother simply threw me in the pool (laughs) and I started dog paddling. I became a swimmer, and as the years rolled by I won some AAU swim meets. Of course, the swimming coaches back then said that using weights would slow you down. One day at the community center where I'd swim in the Olympic sized pool, there was a throng of people blocking the hallway. Suddenly, the group parted in the middle and a guy in posing trunks came walking out. It was Jerry Winick. He had great arms and had placed second to Larry Scott in the Mr. Universe in either 1962 or 63. I was about 12 years old at the time, and (laughs) two days later I saw Jerry outside the center smoking a cigarette. I asked him how he got so big, and, of course, he told me he did so by lifting weights. He told me to go buy some muscle magazines, so I did..........SEE REST OF INTERVIEW AT...


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