Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Episode 185: Jerry Brainum on the best pre-workout supplements and the pros and cons of IGF-1 PODCAST

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Jerry Brainum returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following:
  • Jerry shares how his newsletter was inspired by a magazine he wrote for and was published by an editor of Penthouse
  • Jerry describes training lower body with Arnold Schwarzenegger and why it was always an issue for Jerry
  • Why should trainees take a look at citrulline, in terms of their training, as well as their pre-sexual performance
  • Jerry describes the benefits of beta-alanine, in regards to high intensity training and how it helps prolong performance
  • Why people who eat a lot of red meat are often creatine non responders. 
  • When is the best time to supplement with creatine and with what. 
  • Are beet powders better than actual beet juice, why should you add beets to your regimen, how much should you take, and when
  • Jerry shares more benefits to caffeine, pre-workout, as well as some cautions, in regards to caffeine powders
  • How can glutamine help, in terms of gut health
  • What are the pros, cons, and myths of IGF-1