Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nutrition Science Uncensored

Boost Your Size, Strength and Leanness With...
Supplements That Work
Top Researcher Cuts Through the B.S.
and Shows You Which Ones Really
Pack On Muscle and Melt Off Fat

My disgust has reached critical mass. I’ve watched the nutrition supplement industry freefall into a pit of deception. It’s now overrun with lying money grubbers and sociopathic hucksters who don’t give a damn about you. If you use products to accelerate your results in the gym, you’ve no doubt been a victim. There’s so much deception in the supplement industry that it borders on criminal—and I decided to do something about it so that people like you who train hard can stop wasting money and use what actually works.
I’m Jerry Brainum. You may recognize my name from the hundreds of research-based articles I’ve written for bodybuilding and fitness magazines since the early ’80s. I’ve been a science writer, researcher and lecturer for more than 30 years.
I’ve also been a nutrition consultant for many pro and amateur bodybuilders as well as professional and Olympic athletes in various sports. All of those athletes depended on me for one thing: To cut through the B.S. and get them using the key supplements that work.
The bottom line is that I am NOT affiliated with any supplement company. That means I can tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have no hidden agenda or magic potion to sell you and no one to censor me.
My mission is to show you what works and why. I want you to stop wasting your money at the hands of swindlers. You work too hard. You should use only the things that can truly build muscle and burn fat so that you achieve the spectacular results you deserve for your efforts in the gym.
That’s why I put together Natural Anabolics, an e-book that defines and explains the nutrients, compounds and supplements that can accelerate muscle growth and fat loss without drugs. Here are some of what it includes:
•Anabolic Fact and Fiction—the truth about protein; which type is best, how much do you really need, and when should you use it (or do you even need it?)
•Muscle Energetics With a Size Side Effect—includes the scientific loading method for key muscle-cell volumizers so you get bigger size and strength results
•Pump, Growth and Fat Burning—the specific nutrients that enhance blood flow; these supersaturate your muscles and also transport fat to the nearest exit
•Up Your Hypertrophic Hormone—anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones; here’s how to boost your natural anabolic hormones that your body produces without endangering your health so you get bigger, stronger and leaner faster
•Fat to Muscle and Antiaging—naturally stimulate the mother hormone that power packs your anabolic profile; it also shifts your fat-burning engine into overdrive
•Anabolic Dynamite—includes the latest research on the single isolated compound that scientists say is the key to all muscle growth; take it for max gains
•The Natural Anabolics Supplement Schedule—exactly what to use and when to use it to supercharge your results in the gym (printable reference chart)
I’ve put the key points throughout each chapter in bold type so you can easily speed read for the critical info. And I end each and every chapter with a short section on applications and recommendations—they are quick summaries and how-to-use guides you’ll refer to again and again.
PLUS, for a limited time you get the Muscle Guru Interviews e-book free when you order Natural Anabolics. It contains Q&As with some of the top names in effective mass-building methods, including multi-rep rest/pause, or DC; Power/Rep Range/Shock; Positions of Flexion; and X Reps. There’s even a special nutrition-science Q&A with Jerry Brainum.

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