Friday, March 4, 2011

Why eating eggs for breakfast may kick start body fat losses by Jerry Brainum

I don’t need to convince any bodybuilders how beneficial it is to eat eggs. Most bodybuilders know that eggs contain high biological value protein, and are also highly digestible. Until whey protein supplements  arrived  on the market, milk and egg, or isolated egg protein supplements, were the most popular bodybuilding protein supplements. Still, many pervasive myths about eggs circulate. Among these are that it’s best to consume only egg whites, while discarding the yolks. Ostensibly, the reasoning behind this suggestion is that all the fat in the egg is contained in the yolk, which is true. Egg whites are nearly pure protein. On the other hand, half of the protein resides in the yolk, with the other half in the white. When you consume only the whites, you are not obtaining the full biological value of the protein contained in whole eggs. In addition, all the vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients of the egg exist only in the yolk. But there is an another reason to include whole eggs in your diet, particularly if fat loss is your goal. A recent study illustrates why. In the study, 21 men, ages 20 to 70, consumed two types of breakfasts, both containing the same number of calories, but differing in nutrient composition.  The first meal focused on eggs, and contained 22% carbohydrate; 55% fat; and 23% protein. The other meal consisted mainly of carbs, specifically bagels, and contained 72% carbs;12% fat; and 16% protein. Three hours after eating either of these two meals, the study subjects were provided a buffet lunch, and told to eat until satisfied. The subjects’ blood glucose, insulin, and appetite hormone levels were analyzed. The results showed that the subjects consumed fewer calories at the buffet if they had consumed the egg breakfast. In addition, those eating the bagel meal consumed more calories over the following 24 hours compared to the egg eaters. Those eating the bagel meal said they were hungrier three hours after the meal, and their glucose and insulin levels were also higher than the egg group. More importantly, the bagal eaters levels of an appitite-boosting hormone called ghrelin was also higher than the egg group, which probably explains the increased hunger felt by the bagel eaters. Thus, eating eggs promotes body fat loss through inducing a more stable blood glucose/insulin balance, as well as lowering levels of hormones that increase hunger.

Ratiliffa J, et al. Consuming eggs for breakfast influences plasma glucose and ghrelin, while reducing energy intake during the next 24 hours in adult men.Nutrition Res 2010;30:96-103.

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